E-Sword Modules

e-Sword is a very good free Bible study program for Windows. It was written by Rick Myers, and you can download the program and a whole bunch of free resources from his website by clicking here to download the eSword program and additional resources . These resources include Bibles in English, Greek, Hebrew, and dozens of other languages, plus commentaries, dictionaries, daily devotionals, books, and more.

The program is feature rich, simple to use, and very powerful. You can do Greek, Hebrew, and English word searches, see the definitions of words in a tooltip window, compare translations, copy and print Bible passages in many different formats, and much more.

On this page we offer free downloads of e-Sword modules that are not available at the main e-Sword site.

Free CD Available

We at Tentmaker Ministries offer a free CD containing the E-Sword program, all of the modules listed below, and much more! Click here to order the Tentmaker Enhanced eSword CD.

If you don't want to wait for the CD in the mail, and you would rather download the eSword system and our additional modules, please visit the eSword site to download the basic system and then use the links that you will see below on this page to download our additional modules. (Our modules are generously hosted by Brian Albert on his website.)

Download all Tentmaker e-Sword modules

About These Modules

Click on the modules below to download an executable file that will install the module. You can save the executable file anywhere on your computer, then double click it, and it will install the module in the proper e-Sword directory. Brian Albert at http://www.alampthatburns.com made the Jonathan Mitchell N.T. and all the topic modules. The rest were received from other sources. Send Brian an email if you find any errors or problems with them. We believe that all the modules below are public domain or Tentmaker property allowed for personal use. Please let Brian know if there are any copyright issues.

Doctrinal Viewpoint

Most of the topic modules aid the student in realizing that the original languages of the Bible taught universal salvation through Jesus Christ's victory on the Cross. This is the belief that Jesus Christ is the Savior of all men, not just some. It is the only truly "Good News."

The older versions of the e-Sword modules are not available for download anymore. For the new version E-sword 9 please visit the following:

E-Sword 9 modules

English Language Bibles
Rotherham's Emphasized Version
Concordant Literal Version
Revised Young's Literal Translation New Testament
Jonathan Mitchell New Testament
Emphatic Diaglott New Testament
Twentieth Century New Testament
Wuest New Testament (w/ commentary and dictionary) (no longer available)
J. B. Phillips New Testament (no longer available due to copyright issues)
Lamsa New Testament
KJV with Tense, Voice, and Mood (w/ dictionary)

Hebrew Bibles
Westminster Leningrad Codex Old Testament w/ Vowel Pts

Greek Bibles
Combined Greek New Testament
Interlinear Greek New Testament w/ Strongs
Nestle Aland 26 N.T. w/ diacritics and punctuation
Septuagint O.T. and Wescott-Hort N.T. w/ Strongs

William Barclay's Daily Study Bible Commentary

Topic Modules
Author Title
Louis Abbott An Analytical Study of Words
Brian Albert God's Love for All Mankind
Gary Amirault Eternal Death (Annihilation)
Gary Amirault Etymology of the Word "Damn"
Gary Amirault Does Forevers and Evers Make Sense to You?
Gary Amirault
Gary Amirault Hell is Leaving the Bible Forever
Gerry Beauchemin Hope Beyond Hell
J. Preston Eby The Savior of the World Series
E.E. Guild Arguments in Favor of Biblical Universalism
J.W. Hanson Aion-Aionios
J.W. Hanson Bible Proofs of Universal Salvation
J.W. Hanson Bible Threatenings Explained
J.W. Hanson The Bible Hell
J.W. Hanson Universalism: The Prevailing Doctrine of the Christian Church
During Its First Five Hundred Years
Andrew Jukes The Characteristic Differences of the Four Gospels
Andrew Jukes The Names of God
Andrew Jukes The Restitution of All Things
Andrew Jukes Types in Genesis
Hannah W. Smith Everyday Religion or The Common Sense Teaching
of the Bible
Hannah W. Smith The God of All Comfort
Hannah W. Smith The Unselfishness of God
Thomas B. Thayer The Origin and History of the Doctrine of
Endless Punishment
Ken R. Vincent The Salvation Conspiracy: How Hell Became Eternal
Thomas Whittemore 100 Scriptural Proofs That Jesus Christ Will
Save All Mankind

How to install e-Sword in Linux using Wine

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