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4 thoughts on “Who is David? Who is Goliath?

  • Gary Amirault Post author

    Life has its sadness, individually and corporately as in Israel. But in the end Love wins, not Zionism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam or whatever. God is love. Love never fails.

  • david8vo@gmail.com

    One of the most insightful discoveries I have made concerning the Israel/Palestine conflict, is finding out the differance between Judaism and Zionism. Do you know the differance?There is a huge differance with huge implications. The religious orthodox Jews who are the priesthood of Judaism and the keepers of the flame of the torah, which is the national identity of the Jews, not the establishment of the land of Israel, have been fighting against Zionism and the illegal establihment of political Zonism for over a hundred years. There solution, the orthodox Jews want to return Palestine to the Palestinians, return all refugees with compensation, give back all the occupied territories to Palestine including Jerusalem, return all the Zionists in Israel to there birth countries, and only have Jews living in Palestine on invitation of the Palestinian authorities. Why because the orthodox jews insist that the holy land can never be taken by force, or by oppression of another people, only there messiah can usher in a new messianic age. It’s not important for us to judge this remnant of Jews concerning there belief of there messiah, but what is particularly heart breaking is the backing by millions of pro ZionistChristains of this illegal occupation of the holy lands, who send millions of dollars in financial support yearly to Israel and support the return of foreign Jews to take away Palestinian land, they have literally backed the wrong horse, in wanting to bring about the so called endtimes, and of coarse it is worth billions of dollars, in holy land tourism and support. This is a modern day equivilent of the crusades. Every dollar sent to support Israel by Zionist Christians is litterally dripping with Palestinan blood. God help us with this Cinderella theology, this strong delusion is because of a lack of love for the truth, that God is love and love is God! Who could ever believe that the Kingdom of God, a Kingdom of love, could ever be built on the broken and torn asunder bodies and limbs of Palestinian woman and children. It’s a sad day to be a human being….

  • Clark Walker

    In the face of so much violence in the world it’s sometimes hard to see a good end to everything but our expectation is that God is working all things out for good ( in spite of us ) , especially for those who love Him. We may not see Is2:4 come to pass in our life time but I believe that it is coming. In the meantime I do all I can, in my own small way, to make this a better world for everyone to live in i.e. I bloom where I’m planted. We are to be the light of the world and God knows there is a lot of darkness out there that needs light in it , so let’s be in the world but not of it keeping in mind that their are many “of it ” who desperately need our light.