Were You Scared Into Loving God? 8

Were You Scared Into Loving God?

By Gary Amirault

I am presently reading "A Gentler God" by Doug Frank. I haven’t finished the book, but it appears to be teaching Universal Salvation, what I have coined "The Victorious Gospel of Jesus Christ." I plan to write a review of the book. However, this morning on page 40 I came across a few paragraphs that caught my attention enough to want to post the thought they expressed.

Replying to a very zealous traditional evangelist, someone said, "Are you trying to scare me into loving God?" And the evangelist answered, "Yes!" How ironic. How strange — that the most successful tool evangelists have come up with to getting people to confess Jesus as Lord is to scare them into doing so.

Doug Frank, in "A Gentler God" notes that the thousands of evangelists around the world who have used this tactic of fear say they use it because it works. Doug Frank writes, "It may be true that they increase the number of adherents to their movement. But they do not work to enhance a trusting relationship with a loving God."

Have you been "scared into loving God?" Would you like to have a deep lasting loving relationship with your heavenly Father? Would you like to be able to compleletey abandon yourself to your Creator? Would you like to be able to live in trust? Email us and we’ll try to help you be freed from the fear that has enslaved you to a lower fallen image of God. "Perfect love casts out fear." (1 John 4:18)

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8 thoughts on “Were You Scared Into Loving God?

  • Clark Walker

    I consider myself a natural believer but I must admit that after a near death experience in 2011 I was lead to search more about Universal Salvation because I wanted more assurance of my destination : Heaven or Hell.
    I typed in Christian Universalism in my search engine and started a faith journey that led me to places like the Christian Universalist Association, Universal Salvation .org, Tentmaker.org, Savior of All .com, Harold Lovelace Ministries, and others.
    It’s been an interesting trip but I have found peace in knowing the truth as found in the Bible regarding the salvation of all.

  • jeremy

    I should be receiving the Doug Frank book very soon in the post – look foward to an interesting read!

  • Gary Post author

    From what I can tell, he’s in the boat. His book has a lot of interesting “theological” things in it. He’s a professor and writes like one. Some people will put it down before finishing it because the English might be a bit too difficult for some. But it’s certainly a good read.

  • jeremy

    Hi again Gary ..i have followed your website for over 5 years…Keep it up ! love it….
    I have been in a fair bit of email contact with Boyd Purcell about his book etc and he has been very helpful in getting back to me many times.

    I might get that Doug Frank book at some stage – the contents page is irresistable – From your reading is it clear that he believes in universal salvation ?

  • Gary Post author

    Yes, Jeremy I agree, Spiritual Terrorism has some new insights into the problem with Hell. He is a hospice worker. He noted that Christians are more afraid of dying than atheists. Wow. What an indictment of Christian teaching.

  • Gary Post author

    I still haven’t finished yet. Good book, the reading level is a bit higher than most, he is a professor and that comes through his writings. Has some interesting information regarding how the modern evangelical mind was formed.

  • jeremy

    Oh by the way. I recommend a great book by Boyd Purcell called ”Spiritual Terrorism:Spiritual Abuse from the Womb to the Tomb” – a very good book!

  • jeremy

    Hi there Gary

    I came across this particular blog recently and noticed the very interesting book by Doug Frank…It seems very intersting going by the contents page of the book at his website….What did you think of it after finishing it?

    I think i might get it soon.