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5 thoughts on “The Trouble With America (Part 1)

  • Clark Walker

    Undoubtedly, God needs to help us in all of this but is it any different than what we have read in the Bible from Genesis to Revelations to now?

    Human nature hasn’t changed and won’t change until everyone submits to The Lord Jesus Christ, which could take awhile, you know what I mean?

    Meanwhile, we will all be advised to shine our light in the darkness called this world that we live in and that God loves and pray that God’s will be done through us daily.

  • Sean

    I also predict the middle classes destruction!!they are going to take money until everybody is at low income or peasant status and they going to blame it on some false crisis thats going to take the world by storm!the question is “when” is this going to happen??we are approaching times of difficulty where the elite are planning a crisis to bring about a new age!

  • Gary Post author

    I agree. As long as a certain class of rich control the media, the sheep will remain dumb attacking each other instead of realizing it’s this class of rich who are stealing them blind. It’s getting to the same place it was in Jesus day. The Rich Jews stole the poor Jews blind AND were doing it under the name of conservatism, country, flag and God. People need to be able to get past the propaganda and lies of the American media.

  • pollypinks

    We are slowly watching the destruction of the middle class. Everyone screams about lucifer’s liberals, yet time and again our Congress rewards the very rich and punishes the middle and lower classes. Taxes? Did Jesus say no taxes? We all know how our war in Iraq is being paid for, and one day, those people will come to collect. How do we fund programs for poor children, or healthcare for those who cannot pay? Interestingly enough, on the front page of my newspaper today, it sites reasons our state insurance companies will raise their premiums. Mandated coverage for colonoscopies and mammograms. I have one of those plans, and it’s always covered those procedures. Liar liar, I say. Maybe in ten years, when the middle class is gone, somebody out there might notice that it wasn’t in their best interest to always vote with the rich folks, simply because they called themselves conservatives.