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goats butting

The Billy Goat “But” Gospel 8

The Billy Goat “But” Gospel by Gary Amirault Have you ever heard of the But Gospel? More than likely, if you live in a Christian country, it is the only gospel that you have probably fully heard. The true Victorious Gospel of Jesus Christ is rarely ever fully heard because it is usually butted out […]

Bible Threatenings Explained

Bible Threatenings Explained; or, Passages of Scripture Sometimes Quoted to Prove Endless Punishment Shown to Teach Consequences of Limited Duration. (The following is part of the introduction of Dr. John Wesley Hanson’s book Bible Threatenings Explained. This part of the book contains a critical principle when reading the Bible, a principle often overlooked by most […]

Were You Scared Into Loving God? 8

Were You Scared Into Loving God? By Gary Amirault I am presently reading "A Gentler God" by Doug Frank. I haven’t finished the book, but it appears to be teaching Universal Salvation, what I have coined "The Victorious Gospel of Jesus Christ." I plan to write a review of the book. However, this morning on […]