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Law of Moses Versus Law of Jesus(Love) 1

  The Letter of the Law Kills; it is the Spirit that gives life. Millions upon millions of Christians have been seduced into living “under the law of Moses” which can only produce death. The Mosaic Covenant and the New Covenant are entirely different. See Comparing the New and Old CovenantsĀ A lengthier version showing all […]


Compassionate, Conservative, Right Wing, Republican, Gun-toting Christianity 5

Compassionate Conservative Christianity? by Gary Amirault Why is it that those Christians who want to put Christ back into Christmas, who want to stick the Ten Commandments in schools and public buildings, who strongly support the death penalty, who are often armed like a small army, who usually support war efforts in far off countries […]

Jesus Gun

Thrown into Hell

If Hell Exists, Heaven Cannot. 3

By Gary Amirault For the most part, people expect heaven to be full of good people and hell to be full of bad people. But really “good” people are kind, compassionate, merciful, forgiving, caring not willing that any suffer, especially suffer eternally. People of heart could never be happy seeing billions of fellow human beings […]