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Betting on Hell 4

Recently I watched an excellent documentary narrated by Matt Damon entitled “Inside Job.” The video detailed the ponzi scheme, bankers, investment bankers, Harvard professors, insurance companies, federal reserve personnel and other predatory financial services people orchestrated to steal hundreds of billions of dollars from ordinary people. I highly recommend the video. The video really lays […]

Can Free Will Stop God? Is There Free Will In Heaven Or Hell? 3

My wife and I heard a traveling evangelist categorically state that man’s will is greater than God’s will. Perhaps you have never thought about it, but if you attend a traditional Christian Church, while you may never have voiced it, you too, believe your will is greater than God’s. God’s hands are tied or chained, […]

The Worth of One Soul.


Hank Hanagraaff’s Hell 5

Hank Hanagraaff, of “The Bible Answer Man” and head of “Christian Research’ fame wrote an article entitled “The Existence of Hell” shortly after the Boston Bombings. The slogan for Christian Research Institute (CRI) is “because the truth matters.” Can you believe they put a trademark on this phrase? Anyway, I read the article and was […]

Funerals: When Pastors Become Universalists 6

By Gary Amirault Nearly all pastors, according to sixth generation funeral director, Caleb Wilde, become universalists at funeral services. He writes, “I have worked about 3,000 funerals in my 10 years as a funeral director and I have never heard a pastor state conclusively that the person they are memorializing is going to hell, although […]

pastors become universalists

Will God, the Father Burn In Hell Forever? 4

Will God, the Father Burn in Hell Forever? By Gary Amirault In Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians, he informs us that “In Adam all died, even so, in Christ shall all be made alive.” (1 Cor. 15:22) Damnationists, (those who believe most of mankind will spend eternity in Hell separated from God’s presence) universally […]

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