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One Man’s Heaven Is Another Man’s Hell 1

Some see flames and see eternal damnation, a lake of fire, torment, torture, terror, everlasting hatred, God’s wrath burning forever…others God in His glory…a consuming fire of eternal compassion. The veil of the mind determines what you see. The veil of the mind and the hardness of the heart determines whether we are praying to […]

Wailing wall

Thrown into Hell

If Hell Exists, Heaven Cannot. 3

By Gary Amirault For the most part, people expect heaven to be full of good people and hell to be full of bad people. But really “good” people are kind, compassionate, merciful, forgiving, caring not willing that any suffer, especially suffer eternally. People of heart could never be happy seeing billions of fellow human beings […]

Rob Bell at the Gates of Hell 6

By Gary Amirault, Tentmaker Ministries Based upon all the Twitter twatter, Facebook posts, Blogger blops and secular and Christian media articles it’s getting hot as Hell in the Evanglical world. Maybe the “Gates of Hell” Jesus spoke of are finally being breached, but not the way we expected. Rob Bell’s new book Love Wins: Heaven, […]


We have all been Programmed to Lie 5

By Gary Amirault Paradox of paradoxes! Scientists using the latest inventions to probe into the vistas of space and our oceans to find out what makes things tick are now probing the lobes of the human brain only to discover that the very instrument (the mind) we use to sort truth from lies or fact […]

Transformation of the Soul 1

Transformation of the Soul By Gary Amirault Recently, I was doing some studying into the various processes in nature that are useful in describing the processes God uses to transform the carnal, fleshy person that we are born as into becoming spiritual children of God. I came across a good description of how a caterpillar […]

monarch butterfly

Were You Scared Into Loving God? 8

Were You Scared Into Loving God? By Gary Amirault I am presently reading "A Gentler God" by Doug Frank. I haven’t finished the book, but it appears to be teaching Universal Salvation, what I have coined "The Victorious Gospel of Jesus Christ." I plan to write a review of the book. However, this morning on […]

Why Do Evangelicals Dislike Me So Much? By Brian McLaren

[Note from Gary re: this article: Brian McLaren and I (Gary Amirault) have some differences regarding the Bible, alternative lifestyles, etc. Nevertheless, I believe he is hitting a nail on its head regarding why we so often tolerate intolerant boggiemen and allow them to diminish our influence in the world through intimidation whether in politics, religion […]