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Have The God You Always Wanted. Order Today! 7

Have the God You Always Wanted. Order Today… By Gary Amirault That line brought a smile  to my face when I read it at the bottom of a page on an internet site  advertising some books   promoting a particular Christian denomination’s concept of God. It reminded me of signage I’ve seen often on the […]

Church Kills

Boxed Church 3

Boxed Church By Gary Amirault For most of us who have experienced boxed lunches at any time in our lives, they usually become a routine of pretty much the same food, the same taste. During my many years as a Christian, I have been in dozens of different denominations and literally hundreds of different churches. […]


Wailing wall

One Man’s Heaven Is Another Man’s Hell 1

Some see flames and see eternal damnation, a lake of fire, torment, torture, terror, everlasting hatred, God’s wrath burning forever…others God in His glory…a consuming fire of eternal compassion. The veil of the mind determines what you see. The veil of the mind and the hardness of the heart determines whether we are praying to […]