Was John G. Lake A Universalist? 4

By Gary Amirault John G. Lake was a very famous healing evangelist at the turn of the nineteenth century. His name is well known in that part of the Church that believes in divine healing. In the book “John G. Lake, The Complete Collection of His Teachings,” Roberts Liardon, author of the book, on page […]

Will Americans Repent? 1

The United States government and its agencies have committed many atrocities in the world in the name of God, country, freedom and democracy while most of its people were busy watching “Dancing with the Stars” and “American Idol.” One of the greatest tragedies was placing food sanctions on the Iraqi people. Between 500,000 to a […]

madeline? or Murderer?

The Worth of One Soul.

Can Free Will Stop God? Is There Free Will In Heaven Or Hell? 3

My wife and I heard a traveling evangelist categorically state that man’s will is greater than God’s will. Perhaps you have never thought about it, but if you attend a traditional Christian Church, while you may never have voiced it, you too, believe your will is greater than God’s. God’s hands are tied or chained, […]

Children For Sale 1

By Gary Amirault Imagine yourself in a state of poverty in which you felt your children were better off with strangers than with yourself because you were unable to care for them. What qualifications would you be looking for in the stranger who offered to buy them? How careful would you be in determining the […]


burden of the Lord

The Burden of Believing Christian Universalism VS Hell for Most 3

By Gary Amirault For those of you who have come to the realization and faith that Jesus Christ is indeed the Savior of the whole world (and have held that belief for any length of time), you know there is a real burden with embracing and sharing this truly Good News. Believing Jesus will save […]

Why Did You Doubt? 3

By Gary Amirault             In Paul’s first letter to Timothy, Paul exhorts that supplications, prayers, intercessions and giving of thanks be made for all men because this was “good and acceptable in the sight of God our savior Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto […]