Hell is Unexplainable 7

For this Lutheran Pastor, Hell is Unexplainable.in Hell

“For me it is unexplainable how a person who holds the orthodox view [of eternal torment] can
at any time have a glad moment in this life. He is constantly mingling with people whose final
destiny will be to be tormented eternally without end…To me it is even more unexplainable that
such an ‘orthodox’ person can expect even a happy moment in eternity, when he knows that
contemporaneously with his blessed estate continues the endless torment and agony of
innumerable millions of the accursed. Can he, if he loves his neighbors as himself, yes, even if he
has just a little bit of human love and is not solely a selfish wretch, have even a single happy
moment?” — John Persone Swedish Lutheran Bishop

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7 thoughts on “Hell is Unexplainable

  • Clark Walker

    God is saving everyone but that doesn’t mean that we can “live like the devil” in this life knowing that God’s grace is sufficient to cover our misbehavior.


    God chastens those whom He loves and He loves everyone. It’s not a wise thing to mock God and think that you can get away with it.

    Everyone will come around in due time through God’s irresistible love and grace and no one will be left behind .

  • Gary Amirault Post author

    God is love. Love never fails. I have come that you might have life and more abundantly. I have come that your joy may be full. I’m afraid, my friend, you sound more like the devil than Jesus who came to give us His kingdom of righteousness, peace and joy. That stuff makes me feel real good. May God deliver you from the hell you must be experiencing. May you be loosed from your darkness real soon…in Jesus’ name.

  • marlene72owl@gmail.com

    there was even war in heaven.Jesus died a horrible death,because there is a hell.Dont settle for contentment,.And fall for the make me feel good stuff.

  • Gary Amirault Post author

    My reply is found in the tentmaker.org site in an article entitled “Eternal Death, One step out of Hell, one step short of Glory.” In short, there is no word in the Hebrew and Greek regarding a state from which there is no hope of resurrection. As a matter of fact those words used to support annihilationism actually prove universalism. Read the article and let me know what you think. Peace, Gary

  • Michelle D.

    That pastor is totally getting it. Never had a single glad moment in my life back when I believed that stuff because of all the “errors” and “mistranslation” in our Bible translations. I couldn’t bear the thought of a single person eternally tortured/tormented in such a horrifying place. That insane, false teaching of eternal damnation caused me anxiety, depression, pannick attacks, loss of appetite and insomnia. It brought me to the brink of insanity and I nearly committed suicide. That’s why it is important to preach the true Gospel, the truly Good News. The one and only. The Victorious Gospel of Jesus Christ, Universal Salvation, the Restitution of all things. Because even though some of them don’t give a damn about the rest of mankind as long as they are saved, some have been indoctrinated for years and really DO care and they are in a state of constant torment over the eternal fate of others. They need the Larger Hope, they need to be free from their bondage…

  • jeremy

    It’s totally illogical how people exist the way they do…If they really believed in the eternal torment notion of hell they’d have to go completey mad in one of two ways- constantly screaming appeals to people everywhere in the streets 24/7 out of dread of anyone going there OR simply going mad and spending the rest of their days in a mental hospital cos it is all too much!
    Most evangelicals say they believe in hell, but they DON’T really! ..they think they do but they don’t!