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An Apology For Socrates

APOLOGY FOR SOCRATES – Johann August Eberhard “Punishment being an evil, cannot be employed by a good being, unless for ends whose goodness is greater than the evils suffered, and which could not be obtained without inflicting them. God punishes not for the common good only, but also for the reformation of the sufferer; which […]

Was John G. Lake A Universalist? 4

By Gary Amirault John G. Lake was a very famous healing evangelist at the turn of the nineteenth century. His name is well known in that part of the Church that believes in divine healing. In the book “John G. Lake, The Complete Collection of His Teachings,” Roberts Liardon, author of the book, on page […]


Charles Slagle

What Christian Universalism is all about 3

A Simple Explanation of Christian Universalism by Charlie Slagle, author of Abba Calling   I think that some of the silent readers may not yet have a clear idea or WHAT this glorious good news of UR (universal reconciliation, Christian Universalism, Victorious Gospel of Jesus Christ) is about. Hence this short post. Maybe this will help […]

Adam Succeeded, Will Christ? 1

It is amazing to see the expressions on Christian’s faces when one presents them with the realization that if the traditional church gospel is true, then Christ failed miserably in his purpose for coming here. In Adam ALL died quite apart from our participation. Through Adam we were all condemned because of his transgression.  Below […]