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Law of Moses Versus Law of Jesus(Love) 1

  The Letter of the Law Kills; it is the Spirit that gives life. Millions upon millions of Christians have been seduced into living “under the law of Moses” which can only produce death. The Mosaic Covenant and the New Covenant are entirely different. See Comparing the New and Old Covenants A lengthier version showing all […]

Is God Pro-Choice? 5

The traditional Church has made the Pro-Choice Pro-Life debate very complicated. Let me explain. When it comes to the issue of abortion, the traditional Church, both Catholic and Evangelical take the stand that God is Pro-Life and against Pro-Choice. Choose life, the church says, let the baby live. And now it gets complicated. One part […]

Is God Pro-Choice?

Christian Double-Talk 1

Christian Double-Talk What Traditional Christians Say… What They Really Mean… Love never faileth! Love can’t overcome human stubborness. There’s nothing you must do to be saved…… Here’s what you must do to be saved: You are absolutely, totally helpless to save yourself. You must make a wise decision inorder to be saved. God controls all […]

Have The God You Always Wanted. Order Today! 7

Have the God You Always Wanted. Order Today… By Gary Amirault That line brought a smile  to my face when I read it at the bottom of a page on an internet site  advertising some books   promoting a particular Christian denomination’s concept of God. It reminded me of signage I’ve seen often on the […]

Church Kills