World powers want to control the religious, political, business and educational elements of societies. These articles show the interconnectedness of these powers.

Entitlements? 8

Entitlements? By Gary Amirault George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-four (1984) should be required reading for every citizen of the United States. The language the elite used in his book to make evil sound good and good sound evil was called “newspeak.” Today, the news media, military-industrial complex,  think tanks, financial industry […]


raging wrath of man

Projecting Our Vengeance On To God 5 has just informed the public that the United States Air force had in place a training program for its airmen to brainwashed them as to the ethics of blasting hundreds of thousands of human souls into vapor using of all things, the Bible, Saint Augustine and a former Nazi […]