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Betting on Hell 4

Recently I watched an excellent documentary narrated by Matt Damon entitled “Inside Job.” The video detailed the ponzi scheme, bankers, investment bankers, Harvard professors, insurance companies, federal reserve personnel and other predatory financial services people orchestrated to steal hundreds of billions of dollars from ordinary people. I highly recommend the video. The video really lays […]

The Worth of One Soul.

Can Free Will Stop God? Is There Free Will In Heaven Or Hell? 3

My wife and I heard a traveling evangelist categorically state that man’s will is greater than God’s will. Perhaps you have never thought about it, but if you attend a traditional Christian Church, while you may never have voiced it, you too, believe your will is greater than God’s. God’s hands are tied or chained, […]

From Breast to Hell

Crazy Christian Mothers 6

Picture the following words coming out of the mother’s mouth as she feeds her child: “I love you sooo much, little one. I’m going to raise you in a godly way. I’ll have you Christened, take you to church every Sunday, send you to Sunday school and VBS. I’ll teach you the Ten Commandments, to […]

If all are saved what are we saved from? 1

If All go to heaven, what are we saved from? We’re saved from the lie of┬áconditional love….. …..that is, we are if we have come to Christ having heard the WHOLE gospel (of universal salvation.) *We’re saved from the lie of a god that tortures his own offspring for eternity. *We’re saved from sleepless nights […]