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Spiritual Rape By Gary Amirault As an apologist for the Victorious Gospel of Jesus Christ, I’ve heard countless excuses from traditional theologians and lay people why Jesus can’t save all mankind. The “Spiritual Rape” excuse perhaps top them all. The reasoning goes like this: If Jesus forces someone to be […]

spiritual rape


Dumb and Dumber Traditional Christianity 6

For much of my Christian walk, I was in one of two branches of Christianity; one is called Calvinism the other is called Arminianism. Every traditional Christian is in one of these branches of Christianity even though they may not be theologically trained enough to know which branch they are […]

Christian Double-Talk 1

Christian Double-Talk What Traditional Christians Say… What They Really Mean… Love never faileth! Love can’t overcome human stubborness. There’s nothing you must do to be saved…… Here’s what you must do to be saved: You are absolutely, totally helpless to save yourself. You must make a wise decision inorder to […]