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3 thoughts on “America Died When This…

  • Clark Walker

    There’s a sick and compulsive nature about the powers that be that often stresses the use of force more and more in this world and I suspect that it occurs among the rich and powerful too often .

    Sadly, many view this as ok to protect us from what? Dangerous others who by the way are all children of God who have gone astray?

    I have to admit though considering the violent massacres involving the killings in Aurora, Colorado and Newtown , Connecticut and elsewhere, something must be done to try to prevent them. We don’t know what the police forces have to go through daily until we have walked in their shoes. They are looking out for their skins , too. Yes , sometimes they go over board. Finding that happy medium isn’t always easy.

  • Ed Burley

    this is one of the truest blog posts I have ever read anywhere. All of it supposedly to keep us safe from ourselves…