Christian Teen Stabs Jesus

Christian Teenager Stabs Jesus   “I hate you, Jesus! I hate you, I hate you,” I screamed as I repeatedly stabbed Him with a knife.” After my rage was spent I collapsed at His feet. In deep compassion, He came down off the Cross and embraced me. That’s the vision I had last night at […]

Christian Teen newscast

Hermann Post Office

My Hermann, MO. Post Office 1

My Hermann, MO. Post Office By Gary Amirault I came into my local Hermann, Missouri Post Office the other day with “Wait! Oh yes, wait a minute.” With that clue, they were supposed to guess the NAME THAT TUNE, “Please Mr. Postman,” recorded by the Marvelletes in 1961 and the Beatles in 1963. One of […]

An Apology For Socrates

APOLOGY FOR SOCRATES – Johann August Eberhard “Punishment being an evil, cannot be employed by a good being, unless for ends whose goodness is greater than the evils suffered, and which could not be obtained without inflicting them. God punishes not for the common good only, but also for the reformation of the sufferer; which […]

Do You Feel Crucified?

Do You Feel Crucified? By Ray Prinzing “Yet God forbid that I should boast about anything or anybody except the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, which means that the world is a dead thing to me and I am a dead man to the world.”   (Gal. 6:14) One translation reads, “Because of that […]

The Parable of the Frogs and Free-will. 4

  The Parable of the Frogs and Free-will. By Louis Soto A parable of the salvation of two frogs. Every Saturday during the summer months I go out to handle all of my outdoor chores. I usually tackle pool maintenance first. Turn on the filter, check to see if a back washing is necessary, check […]


A Better End 8

“Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof . . .” Ecclesiastes 7:8 The Victorious Gospel of Jesus Christ has had many names over the centuries — “a better end” was one I had not heard of before until recently. A man whose father was dying in a VA hospital discovered that […]

Your Sins Are Forgiven 2

Christianity, with its tens of thousands of different denominations and scores of Bible translations that differ from one another can be quite confusing. But when you truly come to bedrock, and experience peace with your Maker through Jesus Christ’s perfect life, everything becomes much clearer and more beautiful.

Your Sins Are Forgiven