The Restoration of All Things

The Restoration of All Things By Gary Amirault “And He shall send Jesus Christ, which beforehand was preached unto you: Whom the heaven must receive until the times of restitution (restoration, reconciliation) of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world […]

In Adam All Died

Pieta - Kollwitz

Memorial Day, 2015

Memorial Day Message Stop it! Just Stop it! The Statue Pieta was created by a mother her lost her son in WWI and her grandson in WWII

Born Caged

Born Caged By Gary Amirault “Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness.” Jodorowski That is why we must be born anew to truly fly freely. When the Son truly sets you free then “your dreams will be bigger than your fears, your actions will be louder than […]

Born Caged

spiritual rape

Spiritual Rape 1

Spiritual Rape By Gary Amirault As an apologist for the Victorious Gospel of Jesus Christ, I’ve heard countless excuses from traditional theologians and lay people why Jesus can’t save all mankind. The “Spiritual Rape” excuse perhaps top them all. The reasoning goes like this: If Jesus forces someone to be […]

Hooked To Talking Snakes 1

Hooked To Talking Snakes By Gary Amirault I get a lot of spam – tons of emails I don’t want to read. Today, I got one from a company we’ve been using to maintain our email lists for those who subscribe to our Bible Matters and Inspirations mailing list. It […]


Christian Teen newscast

Christian Teen Stabs Jesus 1

Christian Teenager Stabs Jesus   “I hate you, Jesus! I hate you, I hate you,” I screamed as I repeatedly stabbed Him with a knife.” After my rage was spent I collapsed at His feet. In deep compassion, He came down off the Cross and embraced me. That’s the vision […]

My Hermann, MO. Post Office 2

My Hermann, MO. Post Office By Gary Amirault I came into my local Hermann, Missouri Post Office the other day with “Wait! Oh yes, wait a minute.” With that clue, they were supposed to guess the NAME THAT TUNE, “Please Mr. Postman,” recorded by the Marvelletes in 1961 and the […]

Hermann Post Office