Love’s Corner – Messiah Revealed to Jewish Woman

Michelle Amirault describes her journey from Judaism to Christianity, and then from common Christianity to all-inclusive Christianity.

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One thought on “Love’s Corner – Messiah Revealed to Jewish Woman

  1. Dear Michelle: I Loved Your Story! I too had a profoundand ‘just incdescribably wonderful visitation-expeience from God/LOVE in 1997. I was alsso at the place then where I was questioning everything I’d believed about God from what I was tought and tried to mae sense of in light of Messiah Christ’s Love and the fact that His bottom (and top) line was, Love! As were all of his commandments and promises. I have really just gotten to the pllace recently where i am able to enjoy and see Christ’s Love–Messiah’s -God’s – awesome and infinitely- wonderful healing and transforming Love and intimate presence in myself and even the world around me–people like you and tentmakers are truly and answer to so many prayers and excruciating ‘nights of the soul,’ when i thought I (and my wife) were alone in our refusal to accept athe little impotent god of religious interpretatioon and I grabbede hold of the revelation that Love is God’s Messiah’s innfinite and all-pervading character and personality and that His will Is Love and and Love cannot be otherwise than Loving!
    Love as God’s Spirit is The Life and the Breath of Life in every soul, is leading me and revealing to me constantly-to mine and my wife’s exquisite and encouraging joy and increased faith, that when you look at the world around you with Love’s eyes and heart you see everything with hope and assurance and the growing absolute surety that God’s Goodness is at work in all and that The last paragraph of Paul’s prophecy/Revelation concerning Love’s/God’s characteristics v. religion and traditions of man, is fast approaching: “…but when the Perfect [-The complete comes; then i'll Know and see Love; even in all Love's Infinite and Eternal Wonderous Glory], even as Love/The Perfect/The Complete and unveiled Love/Creator/Mother/Father of Creation and The Eternal All in All who made us for Love, to Love intimately for all of eternity in Joy inconceivable-ever more and exponentially ever forever from Glory to Glory-better even as we might imagine It couldn’t possibly be better; it always and forever will!
    I have all the treasures of my Maternal and Paternal famila there and last December 5, 2009) my only living sibling-my baby brother, a year younger who was my dearest and closest-only friend for many many years of an isolated life; before that , we buried our Mother-2007; our Father (a Loving and truly Christ-Love-like man who I am thankful was the one who with Mother, taught us of a Loving Creator/Saver, and his ‘theology,’ always found a place in hope’s heart and heavens alleys (ha ha) for almost everyone…still he struggled), in 2003., but it was our baby sister’s passing , in 1997, suddenly of a pulmonary embolism at age 26 (and so manyseemingly ultimately tradgic and devastating. I had a head injury from a robbery and was all but given up for certain death; and then to being a vegetable possibly in anursing home on life support, or institutionalized for the rest of my life…

    Mrs.Amirault, I am a miraculous and awesomely blessed human being to see and have touched and been in the physically (as well as in my spirit and soul) discernable presence of Love: i.e., my name for The One who came to me in a hospital smoking room in Chcago in 1997. I could never have even in my most brilliant, in my mst deleriously ‘too-good-to-be-true dreams or wildest imginations-nor could any human, in this world, by themselves-without the actual revealed and unveiled actual presence of The One Who Loved me and all of Creation into existance, and Who, in awesome unkenable omnisicence intimately and with ever greater and greater Love maintains-holds it together; we exist as does everone and every thing, by Creator’s Loving will and pleasure. I apologise, Mrs. Amirault, but I have only recently been able to express or find a way to share the most beautiful evening and night of my life! This experience, barnone is the sweetest most iinfinitly beyond words like beautiful, glorius, paradise, or even heaven; however, I know this, that wherever this Presence is, IS indescribably and infinitely removed form any and every idea, experience, story and everything else I have ever heard of, imagined or been told of-where Messiah/God is, Heaven Is!
    I just wanted to tell you that your experience touched me and blesses me and I we all need as much of things like this as we can give and get form one another.
    Thank Mrs. Amirault-you know Love knows you; it sure will be an awesome day when Love as I know my knowledge and experience-my heart, mind, spirit and soul still and ever greator resonate with full of joy and anticipation. I can truly recognise and share; Paul’s–the writer of so many letters of encouragement, that men and tradition have bound together as part of the “Bible canon,” …anyway, ha ha , Iwhen he wrote: “eyes haven’t seen, ears haven’t heard, neither has even come into the concieption or mind of human kind, the wonderfully Good and wonderous things God has prepared for us!
    I will continue looking for your encouraging audio programs here at Tentmakers, Mrs. Amirault.Sincerely, In Love and Confidence in Messiah/ Christ!
    David Patrick

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