Hellbusters – Giving Glory: Fathoming the Depth of God’s Love for All Mankind (Part 3)

Louis Abbott, once a believer in Hell spent his entire life studying the Greek of the New Testament discovering that the concept of a Hell of Everlasting Punishment was NOT on the pages of the New Testament in its original Greek form. Gary Amirault with Tentmaker Ministries interviews Louis Abbot on certain key words that have been mistranslated in many major Bible translations distorting the true nature and character of God and His plan for the redemption of all mankind, sometimes known as universalism.

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2 thoughts on “Hellbusters – Giving Glory: Fathoming the Depth of God’s Love for All Mankind (Part 3)

  1. I find it hard to believe that Christ who says that he never knew these false prophets and sends them to an everlasting punishment is going to reconsider at some point in the future…And he speaks alot on Hell and the Lake of Fire….Everlasting Torment.

  2. Hi, Joe, if you visit http://www.tentmaker.org/ScholarsCorner.html you will find all the scriptural and historical reasons why I know all mankind will be saved. And if you go to http://www.tentmaker.org and type in to the search feature and search for reconciliation scriptures, you will find scores of Bible verses IN YOUR OWN TRANSLATION that proves Jesus saves all. AND there are many translations of the bible which do NOT contain the word Hell nor the idea of everlasting punishment. All this information is readily available at http://www.tentmaker.org and http://lovewins.us and http://what-the-hell-is-hell.com

    For the love of Christ and His people, PLEASE, do check this out for yourself and do NOT follow the “traditions of men which make the word of God of no effect.” Matt. 15:6-9
    Peace, Gary Amirault, Tentmaker Ministries

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