The Messengers Are Coming!

By Gary Amirault

Robert Rutherford, pastor of Rock Fellowship in Waco , Georgia is going to be on TLC in a reality TV show entitled "The Messengers." Rutherford made it into the top ten finalists out of 1500 interviewed. Each of the ten finalists on the TLV/Discovery program have an opportunity to be "the" Messenger, the inspirational speaker with a message to the world. The contestants were chosen from all kinds of people who felt they had a message to give to the world. The ten finalists were: DANEEA BADIO - Social Worker, Poet; CORNELIOUS "SEE" FLOWERS - Poet; KENT HEALY - Author, Student, YouthAdviser; IMAN MAFI - Financial Adviser, Muslim Youth Lecturer; KAREN MICHEL - Filmmaker, Meditator, Yogi; FLOYD NOLAN - Student of Spiritual Development; ANGELICA OSBORNE - Actress, Apartment Manager; DARRYL VAN LEER - Lecturer, Speaker; ZAHAVA "Z" ZAIDOFF - Spiritual Guide and ROBERT RUTHERFORD - Minister, Carpenter. It seems the producers of the show tried to get a broad spectrum of contestants selecting finalists that had Christian, Moslem and Jewish backgrounds as well as those who were just into being "spiritual."

According to the publicity TLC/Discovery provided for the show:

The Messengers explores their ability to communicate the many complexities of life's toughest lessons. Along the way, the speakers address issues viewers face in their everyday lives and communities.

The Messengers is an innovative and uplifting series with challenging individual experiences that act as a catalyst for the celebration of inspirational public speaking in contemporary America . "The participants really have to walk the walk before they can talk the talk," said David Abraham, executive vice president and general manager for TLC.

The foundation of each episode is a field trip designed to give the speakers a profound learning experience - the opportunity to walk in someone else's shoes. In the first episode, the participants face the harsh reality of homelessness. They spend 24 hours on the streets of Skid Row in Los Angeles and then deliver speeches based on the topic of charity. In subsequent episodes, field trips range from the participants living as a blind or wheelchair-bound individual for a day, to sharing in a powerful moment of forgiveness between a man convicted of vehicular homicide and the deceased's mother. At the end of each field trip, the group is given their speaking topic - one simple word such as hope, perseverance or forgiveness, to use as the basis for their speeches.

Over the next 24 hours, the speakers blend their in-field experiences with their own life lessons to create powerful speeches of motivation for a studio audience. After each speech is delivered, public-speaking experts Richard Greene and Bobby Schuller offer valuable commentary and criticism to the participants. Panelist Richard Greene, author of Words That Shook the World, is a speech adviser and public-speaking analyst. He gives the contestants constructive guidance on their delivery, technique and content development. His co-panelist, Bobby Schuller, is a pastor at the Crystal Cathedral in Southern California and grandson of Rev. Robert H. Schuller. Schuller focuses his remarks on the content and emotional connection the speakers make with the studio audience.

At the conclusion of each episode, one person is eliminated by the studio audience's vote. The speaker remaining at the end of the series will be crowned "The Messenger," awarded a publishing deal and given the chance to host his or her own TLC television special. Endquote.

One can find information about the program, the Messengers, and airing dates at:

Personally, I'm most interested in the "Message" of Robert Rutherford. Robert is one of the most dynamic preachers I have heard, especially on the subject of Universal Salvation (Christian or Biblical Universalism) through the finished work of the Cross of Jesus Christ. He is an excellent singer, excellent speaker and a real mover and shaker. The guy is loaded with energy and a real zeal to let people know the real Jesus Christ of the Bible. I hope his real Message, the Good News to all mankind is not edited out by a Hollywood that often taints or twists the truth. May Robert Rutherford not become a tool in the hands of ultra liberals to promote their agenda - may God's agenda come through loud and clear.

The secular media in recent months has given voice to another "messenger" of the Gospel of Grace, through the voice of Carlton Pearson. Bishop Pearson used to be the Pastor of Higher Dimensions Church in Tulsa , Oklahoma. He was also a Gospel recording artist and Presiding Bishop over several hundred pastors. When he revealed in recent years that he no longer believed in Hell, his empire fell. Ultimately, he lost his church building, his board chair at Oral Roberts University , speaking engagements and his reputation. The Christian media hailed him "heretic." Even those close to him like T.D. Jakes distanced themselves from him. But this year, the National Public Radio did a one hour interview of Carlton 's demise and they gave him a boast. Then came National Geographic with a video entitled the "Book of Revelation" featuring Carlton Pearson's belief that the traditional Christian view of Hell was false. In the near future, NBC's Dateline with Stone Phillips will feature him on their program. Carlton Pearson's version of Universal Salvation which he calls the "Doctrine of Inclusion," or the "Gospel of Grace" is far more inclusive than most Christians who find the Bible does speak of the ultimate restoration of all things care to believe. (Acts 3:21) While most Christians who believe all mankind will ultimately be saved, they are that doesn't give one the right to do as they please here on earth. We still "sow what we reap" here on earth and may lose rewards in heaven if we choose to live a lose life. However, has brought practicing homosexuals into his church as speakers and has spoken favorably as homosexuality being simply another lifestyle which God accepts. He has Moslems and Hindus in his temporary church located at an Episcopal Church in downtown Tulsa. For Bible believing Christians, they still believe one must come through Jesus Christ to enter heaven. Carlton has become too liberal for many Christians who believe in the universal reconciliation spoken of the Christian Scriptures.

Universalism was the sixth largest denomination in the United States in the mid-1800's but when it went liberal, it ultimately abandoned the truths in the Bible. The Universalist Association merged with the Unitarian denomination for financial purposes - that was the death knoll to a Universalism that was Christian and Bible-centered. It appears that the "Doctrine of Inclusion" movement in a much shorter time than the Universalist Association went ultra-liberal.

I hope that the secular media's involvement in this growing belief in the church will not pervert and distort an otherwise totally Biblical truth, that is, that Jesus Christ is indeed the Savior of all mankind. There is only one way to heaven, only one way to eternal life and that is through the cross of Christ. However, the Bible says that Jesus has the keys to death and Hell and knows what to do with them -- to set the prisoners free! And that is what Jesus will ultimately do to every single person who fell in Adam - Jesus is going to save them all. Ultimately, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess Jesus as Lord to God, the Father's glory, not shame. The Parable of the Lost Sheep is true - Jesus leaves the 99 found sheep to find the one lost and he doesn't give up til He finds it. This is quite different from the traditional church gospel which has Jesus lose 99 and barely find a few "righteous" Christians to save.

May Carlton Pearson get himself and his congregation back on a Biblical foundation and may Robert Rutherford's message not get distorted through the secular media. Jesus, the Messiah, is indeed the Savior of all of mankind. It's time the world heard this truly Good News. Paul called it the "Glorious Gospel." I call it the "Victorious Gospel of Jesus Christ." Gary Amirault, founder of Tentmaker Ministries.

The show debuts July 23, 2006 Sunday evening 10PM Eastern time 9PM Central time and runs for six weeks.

Some places to search for more information on Robert Rutherford's belief that all mankind will ultimately be saved through Jesus Christ, visit:

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