Why do you deny that the wicked will be punished?

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Questioner: You keep living in your fantasy and believing that God will not punish the

Gary: You keep lying and lying and lying. Show me in my writings where I say that God will not punish the wicked? Do you punish your children when they need correction? I'm sure you do. But is your punishment for any or all their infractions to be tortured in a lake of fire FOREVER? Is this the kind of "loving" father you are? Well, I'm sure you find such a misrepresentation of your character insulting, that you would do such a wicked thing and yet you attribute this kind of barbaric behavior to your God and think it's both reasonable and just. Sir, you are spiritually speaking an unhealthy puppy. And wherever it is that you are getting your teachings and understanding of God from is wicked and evil. Your theology has made you mad. You need a good dose of the mercy and love of God to correct your thinking. May the Lord of all Mercies do it quickly before you go out and hurt someone with your deranged thinking.

Jesus spoke of some being punished with many stripes and some with few indicating punishment that fits the crime. He spoke of some not getting out of prison until they paid every last penny of their debt. I realize a few verses like Matthew 25:46 speak of "everlasting punishment" in some leading English Bible translations. But an earnest study of that verse comparing it to many other translations will reveal this rendering incorrect. "Age-abiding correction," eonian chastizement," "punishment of the age," etc are how many other translations have rendered "kolasin aionion" in Matthew 25:46. That is the correct meaning in that verse and it agrees with the dozens of passages of scripture through the whole Bible that plainlys speak of universal salvation, that is, the "restoration of all things" spoken of in Acts 3:21. The Bible correctly translated teaching the universalism that Paul, the apostle to the nations, spoke so boldly of in all of his writings.

"This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance. For to this end we both labor and suffer reproaching, because we trust in the Living God, who is the Savior of all mankind, especially those who believe. These things command and teach." 1 Timothy 4:9-11 That is what we teach at Tentmaker Ministries, sir, and that is what you should be teaching your children and exemplifying in your life. Anything less than this is sin. Repent!

Read other FAQ's on ultimate reconciliation and Christian universalism

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