What's New at Tentmaker

By Gary Amirault

While you may have not heard from us in a while-unless you wrote or called us, nevertheless, we have been busy preparing new material.

We have put more of J. Preston Eby's series, "Just What Do You Mean?" on audio tape. We have added "God is Love," "Reconciliation," "Unpardonable Sin," "Eternity," "Reconciliation in the Heavens," and "The Wages of Sin is Death."

Some new tract titles are:

  • "The Eons of the Bible," which is printed by Grace and Truth Fellowship
  • "Who Then can be Saved?" by Kenneth Brix
  • "Facts about Tithing," by Ken Fisher
  • The Greek Word "Aion," by Dr. J.W. Hanson, written in the 1800s
  • A tract entitled "Universalist or Partialist?"

By the time you receive this edition of Dew, an audio tape entitled "Worshipping in Spirit and Truth" should be complete. "The Rapture of 70 AD" series has expanded from two to four tapes. An excellent little tract on the Textus Receptus and the King James Bible is also being offered. An audio tape entitled "A Great Christian Scam" dealing with the Wyatt Archaeological Research fraud will be available.

A music tape, "In Quietness and Gentleness," which contains some music we used at the "Coming together in Christ" meeting is also available. Keep in mind this was not duplicated on quality equipment.

Those of you who embrace the doctrine of Conditional Mortality, or have friends who do, should look into the 50-page study entitled "Eternal Death--One Step out of Hell, One Step Short of Glory."

Dave Sprenger has typed out 17 pages of Scriptures declaring the sovereignty of the Almighty. We are offering this list.

All the articles in Dew can be sent to you individually printed out on a laser printer. I really encourage you to begin a program of selecting certain individuals in your community or heads of ministries, and prayerfully send them a tract or article on a regular basis. They could be sent anonymously or openly.

We are always amazed how people find out about us. We have seen a tract go from the United States to the Philippines to Nigeria, and then back to the United States. Order some tracts and make a list of a group of people you will be faithful to send something to on a regular basis.

We have taken steps out into the world of the Internet. I hope to one day have a web page on which people can download all we have freely.

As mentioned in the last Dew, we encourage you to write us for the address of an overseas ministry which you can help support. They do need us. My wife and I just do not have the money or time to do all that is needed for our brothers and sisters over the seas. I really believe helping ministires overseas directly is a work which brings great joy. We only received two responses to our request in the last Dew. I hope more of you will response to this request.

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