The World, A Reflection of the Church

Women's Conference in China

By Gary Amirault

Under this heading, we occasionally point out a problem facing the world and show how it very often is nothing but a reflection on a major problem in the church. If we could just see that, then we could repent and see the world change right before our eyes.

The United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women, held in Beijing, China is now history. Dr. Dobson from Focus on the Family sent a letter to about 2 million people warning them that this gathering would bring an onslaught upon the institution of the family. Dr. Dobson received severe criticism from the Clinton Administration accusing him of misrepresentation of the facts.

Dr. Dobson warned the American people that those who were gathering at this conference were out to destroy the traditional family. Under the guise of improving the lot of women in the world, those who were organizing this meeting were actually destroying women. Dr. Dobson pointed out that this meeting was being conducted in a nation which forces parents to have abortions. It is a nation which presently has added fetuses to their diet. Of course the elite get first choice of these delicacies. I wonder if Mrs. Clinton visited any of the "finer" restaurants. (See Dr. Dobson's letter as well as many news reports) China, while claiming to be a champion for the poor of this world, has fallen to such as depraved state that it eats its own young to improve facial complexion. They kill their youth and sell their vital organs to Westerns for hard cash. This is the nation which the Hillary Clinton's of the world have chosen as their gathering place. It is a nation to whom the United States has given the "most favored nation" status.

The organizers of this meeting promised they were for a strong traditional family. Mrs. Clinton brought with her 125 government representatives. The cost of this is in the millions. And what did Mrs. Clinton and our government representatives learn in exchange for your money? Here is a partial list of some of the workshops available to attendees as taken from Dr. Dobson's October, 1995 letter:

  • The Role of Inflatable Life-size Plastic Dolls and Dildos Improving Health (Description reads: "The inflatable life-size plastic doll will take the brunt off women and help to solve many global problems.")
  • Lesbianism for the Curious.
  • Spirit and Action: Lesbian Activism From an Interfaith Perspective.
  • Women in Black: A Gathering of Spirits (This one tells women attending to wear black and bring a lamp.)
  • Lesbian and Mother: Talking About Being Sperm Donors (It is described as "parenting and donorship within the framework of a lesbian-choice.")
  • Lesbian Flirtation Techniques Workshop.
  • How Religious Fundamentalism helps the Spread of AIDS (The workshop indicts conservative Christians in the United States for facilitating the spread of AIDS.)
  • Beyond the Trinity Creator, The Mystery of the Virgin Soul.

Since these life-sized dolls and dildos will solve "many global problems," I wonder how many Mrs. Clinton bought. From the amount of fighting Mr. and Mrs. Clinton do according to the press, I wonder if Mr. Clinton's doll will solve their marriage problems.

I don't want to dwell on this meeting any longer. I am really disgusted with the kind of leadership America seems to vote in.

The feminist movement is gaining an increasing amount of power. Mrs. Clinton has been tremendously successful in placing people into critical offices which will dramatically effect Americans in a negative way. The kinds of solutions to our international problems these leaders propose are condoms and lifesize dolls. This group of women will bring about a further increase in ancient goddess worship. Already Mother Earth has been revived to bring a divine flavor to the environment camps. You will note one of the workshops was entitled Beyond the Trinity Creator, The Mystery of the Virgin Soul.

Yes, ancient Mother goddesses are back in vogue and it looks like they will make quite a comeback.

Now for those of us who have been watching the Protestant leaders and Evangelical organizations running to the Pope as if there were a race to see who can get into his clutches first, it should not come as a surprise that the world is reflecting perfectly what is happening in the church. The most leading Protestant-founded organizations are breaking down their walls and joining the Catholic cause. Cult-watching ministries such as Christian Research Institute have embraced Roman Catholicism as an "orthodox" denomination. Chuck Colson, head of one of the largest prison ministries in the world has written a book with a Catholic priest encouraging the Protestants and Catholics to work together. Billy Graham, America's leading evangelist, sends many of his converts back to the Roman Catholic church. Of Pope John Paul II, Mr. Graham says, "He's been the strong conscience of the whole Christian world."

In January 1995 leading Evangelicals and Catholics signed a declaration stating, "We promise one another that we will work to deepen, build upon, and expand this pattern of convergence and cooperation." The list of those who signed this accord on the Evangelical side reads like a "who's who list.

They are coming together for the sake of unity, but to what are they coming?

Promise-keepers, a male organization, is amassing 100,000 pastors in Georgia to show the world the unity of the church. The seven principles Promise-keepers vow to are values designed to produce the "moral male," or a "phallic male," as described by the book with a Promise-keepers imprimatur on it entitled Masculine Journey by Robert Hicks.

Bill McCartney, supposedly an ex-Catholic, strongly encouraged Roman Catholic as well as Mormon participation. Salvation by works or salvation by grace, it doesn't matter, it's the show that counts!

Since the focus of this movement is on "showing" the world unity by the year 2000, Roman Catholics, Orthodox, Mormons, and all the thousands of denominations of Protestantism are encouraged give the appearance of unity.

And now for the connection: The secular humanists, environmentalists, and other leading non-Christian organizations have either already embraced goddess worship or are on the road to it. Remember the workshop entitled, "Beyond the Trinity Creator, The Mystery of the Virgin Soul?" Well, the Roman Catholic church already has as its female savior; the Blessed Virgin Mary. "On this universal level, if victory comes, it will be brought by Mary. Christ will conquer through her, because He wants the church's victories now and in the future, to be linked to her." (John Paul II, from Crossing the Threshold of Hope)

Central to the Catholic faith is the Immaculate Conception. Mary, according to the Roman Catholic church was sinless. The doctrine of the Immaculate Conception refers to Mary, not Jesus Christ. In addition to that doctrine, she was sinless all her life and went to heaven without sin. According to the Bible, a woman who brings a male child into the world must bring a sin offering to the temple. All Jewish women, including Mary, who was a Jew, not a Roman Catholic.

The Roman Catechism states:

...born of His Mother without any diminution of her maternal virginity . . . just as the rays of the sun penetrate without breaking or injuring in the least the solid substance of glass, so after a like but more exalted manner did Jesus Christ come forth from His mother's womb without injury to her maternal virginity.

Furthermore, the Roman Catholic church teaches that Mary remained an "immaculate" and perpetual virgin for the rest of her life. Among her many titles are, "the Blessed Mary, ever Virgin," the "Virgin of virgins," and the "all-holy ever-virgin Mother of God." Mary's real name was "Miriam," a Jewish name which meant "bitter." No wonder she was bitter. Who, if they were consigned to eternal virginity by a bunch of drunk, supposed celibate (but we know better) Priests, wouldn't be bitter?

Those of us who read our Bibles should know better than this. Jesus had brothers. Mary went to the temple to offer up her sin offering for bringing a child into the earth, and Mary acknowledged her need for a savior by saying, "My soul exalts the Lord and my spirit has rejoiced in God my savior."(Luke 1:46,47) That she needed to be purified for bringing a male child into the world is shown in Luke 2:22-24 where she offers up a pair of turtledoves or two young pigeons for purification. Why a purification sacrifice if she was without sin?

The Roman Catholic system is nothing but pure nonsense, heathenism, and witchcraft. It is a caldron full of all the abominations of the world and now the Protestant church is going to hop into bed with her. It takes two women to produce lesbianism and the act is about to take place. I am sick of writing about this whole thing. Fill in the blanks yourself.

I will just mention one last item that I would rather not discuss, but it has to be said by someone. The Chinese leadership, while claiming their purpose is to improve the lot of mankind on the face of the earth, has become ruthless butchers instead. I am not speaking figuratively here. In the name of putting the state above all, in the name of absolute "unity," this government takes young people who are labeled "dissidents," kills them and sells their body parts to nations like America, which heaps the honor of labeling China a "most favored nation." This government, in the name of increasing the quality of life for humanity, imposes mandatory abortion policies on all its citizens. Who knows how many tens of millions of babies this government has slaughtered, like a butcher would slaughter cows. But that is not the end of their depravity. The little aborted children of thumb size and larger, are now showing up on Chinese menus as exquisite little delicacies guaranteed to make you look younger. (Dr. Dobson writes about this.) Of course the elite, the leadership, has first preference. How sick, sick, sick, inhumane and depraved can man become? Those that survive birth and their youth become mere slaves to the state.

I have spent a great deal of time studying church history. If the above few paragraphs leaves your stomach unsettled, the study of the history of the Roman Catholic church will give you nightmares for days. You, the person to whom I am presently writing, need to study Roman Catholicism to see what it is really all about. You need to read books like Charles Gibbon's History of Rome. You need to read books by priests who have come out of her and let them tell you the things that go on in this institution. You need to get into your encyclopedia and spend some time in the "Dark Ages." (Don't read one written from a Catholic publishing house.) Whether Revelation Chapter 18 is speaking of her or not, nevertheless, it is a perfect description of the Roman Catholic Church.

But you may say, "well, Gary, you may have some good points, but your analogy about abortions doesn't fit with the Roman Catholic church. They are probably the strongest pro-life group there is. That last statement is only a half-truth. The Roman Catholic church has been losing members by the tens of millions in the last few decades. Forcing the Catholic woman not to use birth control devices and prohibiting abortions has been the greatest evangelism tool the Roman church has had until recently. It has grown from within. Catholic families tend to be larger than Protestant families.

To become the ruling institution of the world, it must have people, billions of people. But to what are they born to? Jesus spoke to living people and said they are dead! The works-centered teachings of the Roman Catholic church bring children into the world and never allows them to come to life. It has a gospel guaranteed to keep everyone dead while thinking they are alive. Jesus said he came that we may have life. There is very little life in the Roman Catholic church. Grace, through faith, a gift from God, is a heresy to the Roman Catholic church, but this is the only way which we can receive true life. So the Roman Catholic church has a killing system far superior to the Chinese killing system.

Few non-Roman Catholic Christians have gone out of their way to read some of the accounts given by some of the priests and nuns who have escaped the R.C. church's clutches. I have one tape where a nun recounts how she used to watch her Mother Superior put her hands over the faces of new born babies and suffocate them, then bury them. Celibate priests are not as celibate as advertised.

At one time in the past, I used a Franciscan monastery's library located near me. The public was not normally allowed into their library. I think our Father arranged this so that I could see for myself what goes on in these places. I pictured monks spending hours meditating, praying, and studying the Bible. In all the times I was there, I was the only person using library. I asked the head of the monastery how the library books were organized. It was obvious from his answer, he spent very little time there. The wine flowed freely, the cigarette smoke was nauseating, and the monks were ignorant. I can't tell you all the things they did, but studying and praying was not the primary activity of that place.

The Roman Catholic church spends millions of dollars in court costs and lawyer fees in defense of priests brought up on child molestation charges. The out of court settlements (bribes to keep quiet) probably go into the 10's or 100's of millions of dollars.

The Chinese use the people for the sake of the state. The Roman Catholic church and its priesthood reigns supreme over its slaves who are never allowed to be free. The Roman Catholic church is full of idolatry. The Bible tells us that we will become like that we worship. Bow down to a statue and you will become like one--not like Jesus Christ, the image of our Father.

I could keep this article going for pages on end, but I think you are beginning to catch on to the fact that the present Chinese government and the Roman Catholic church have much more in common than it appears. Now, the Protestant church is going to join the Pope's party for the sake of appearance. We must "look" united. After all, Jesus is coming back for only one church, so we better get our act together by the year 2000.

Just remember, the Pope, the "substitute" of Christ, is according to the leading Protestant in the world, "the conscience of the whole Christian world." He is also an avowed Mary worshipper. He can lie all he wants to about his faith in Jesus Christ. Until he takes off his Babylonian headgear, stops making people kiss his hands, feet, (I could really get nasty here.), until he drops his billions into the poor box, to me, he is just an idol worshipper of the highest order. Idol worship leads to death. The Roman Catholic church is full of dead people. They even worship the dead. Read some material about all the body parts of dead saints contained in the thousands of reliquaries found in Catholic churches. The Chinese sell body parts to the West. The Roman Catholic church chops up her saints, puts them in gold jars, and uses them to get more dollars from her slaves. Didn't you know that touching the gold jar and praying to Mary or a dead Saint will bring you healing?

Impure sexual activity will abound in world leadership circles in the political and economic world. It will make Sodom look like a bunch of saints. But remember, they are just reflecting in the natural world what is really going on in the dark in christendom. The days ahead will bring upon us a time when the Catholic church and the Protestant church will "grind together" (and I'm not talking about wheat). It will bring a time, if you can see spiritually, where you will not believe your eyes. I pray our Father opens our eyes that we may see clearly and avoid falling into the pits of death all around us. Get understanding of these things so that you may know how to pray and intercede.

This article could be greatly expanded. There just isn't enough room. May He open our eyes and ears, and give us courage to face this beast, and His love to conquer all. Amen.

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