Video Reviews

By Gary Amirault

As I hope you can tell from the writings in Dew, we think this is a great time to be alive. There are so many opportunities to touch so many people's lives. As we allow our Father to strip us from our self-righteous, religious robes, the world of opportunities to share the kingdom with others increases.

I have come across some things dealing with the first century of the Christian era that I believe will totally change much of our view about many Bible related things. Recently, we were given an old T.V. and a used VCR. I requested review copies of videos that dealt primarily with the the Old Testament period and the first century of Christianity. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed several evenings watching some of these videos. For me personally, I often have a difficult time taking a few paragraphs of the Bible and actually visualizing human beings just like myself. Somehow, my mind wants to take the humanity out of the words. A well done motion picture can bring back the realism that the mind reading black ink on white pages sometimes takes out.

We received a couple of productions that did an excellent job in bringing the characters of Abraham, Jacob and Joseph to life. We found three excellent videos recently in the most unusual place, Turner Home Entertainment. Those of you who have followed Ted Turner's life somewhat know he is known for his Christian bashing. Turner Home Entertainment is very skimpy in religious programs. But I tell you this, I would rather see a company produce a few quality products than flood the market with some of the material sent to us to review from some Christian companies.

I have been told Ted Turner at one point in his life went to seminary. Not being able to reconcile a God who said He was love with the teachings of the church which said He would eternally torment most of mankind, Ted Turner left church and went into the business world. Aren't you glad that we have good news for the Ted Turners of this world? Pray that we can reach him to show him that his decision to seek God early in his life was the right decision. Seminary was just not the way to the truth. So, Ted, we thank you for bringing three excellent videos our way. We encourage our readership to either rent them or purchase a copy for themselves. The three videos Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph are great! They are now available to rent and in September available to purchase. Watch them! You, too, Ted. They are truly very good Bible tools and enjoyable to watch.

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