From "With Christ in the School of Prayer," by Andrew Murray

The soul without prayer is like lungs without air.

Power with God is the highest attainment of the life of full abiding. And of all the traits of a life like Christ, there is none higher and more glorious than conformity to Him in the work that now engages him without ceasing in the Father's presence: His all-powerful intercession. The more we abide in Him and grow to be like Him, the more His priestly life will work in us. Our lives will become what His is: a life that continuously prays for men.

"Thou hast made us kings and priests unto God." Both a king and a priest possess power, influence, and blessing. The king's power goes downward. The priest's power rises upward, having power with God. In our blessed Priest-King, Jesus Christ, the kingly power is founded on the priestly: "He is able to save to the uttermost." In us, His priests and kings, it is no different. It is in intercession that the church is to find and wield its highest power. In intercession, each member of the church can prove his descent from Israel as a prince having power with God and with men.

The place and power of prayer in the Christian life is too little understood. I feel sure that as long as we view prayer simply as the means of maintaining our own Christian lives, we will not fully understand what it is really supposed to be. But when we learn to regard it as the highest part of the work entrusted to us-the root and strength of all other work-we will see that there is nothing we need to study and practice more than the art of praying. If I succeed in explaining the teaching of our Lord in regard to prayer, and in pointing out the distinct reference the wonderful promises of the last night (John 14:16) have to the works we are to do in His Name-the greater works, and the bearing much fruit-then, we will all admit that it is only when the Church gives herself up to this holy work of intercession that we can expect the power of Christ to manifest itself on her behalf. It is my prayer that God may use this book to make clearer to some of His children the wonderful place of power and influence which He is saving for them. How the weary world awaits that show of power."

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