Is This Love?

by Michelle Amirault

This very morning, I suddenly found myself thinking about a horrible torture. Someone was giving me a onetime choice of position in which I would be stuck for a long period of time. They were laughing maliciously as I struggled with finding a position that would give me the most moving advantages. You see they were going to make a wooden box that kept me locked in the position I chose. As I groped to make the wisest choice, I was made aware that spreading out my arms and legs, and angling my body would not give me the space advantage I sought because the box would be made to go up one side of my arms and legs and down the other. In other words, I would be firmly locked into the position I chose. This frightened me, as I would not be able to even stretch, much less change positions. I felt this would be my coffin, and I would be tormented by having so much life within me, but not being allowed to live.

As I wondered, I hoped our Father would enlighten me, why I was having such strange intense thoughts. At first I thought maybe God was trying to prepare me for a future torture my enemies would literally bring on me. Then I felt that it was just MY OWN inner FEAR of the gross potentials of man's inhumanities to man, and therefore not from God. As I pressed passed my fear, however, I seemed to sense so simply and clearly God's message here. Not only do we box ourselves into "positions" that limit our life's flow, but we also judge and box others in and limit our ability to see Christ's life in them. Then in an even greater depth I saw the abomination of how we, as children of the Most High, Eternal, Almighty Creator of Life, box our heavenly Father in with our puny concepts of Who He is, what He can do, and how successful He is. The horror I had originally felt at trying to find a "position" to be locked into by man, was switched over to open my understanding to the horror of what we do to limit the life of the Creator of all things by boxing Him into our limited "understandings!"

To have ever individually tasted of even a sprinkle of His limitless love for us and to return to placing any limitation on Him is a torturous box. How can we hope that the world will ever be enabled to SEE the reality of how wide, high , long, and deep is the love of Christ, if we, His people cannot clearly SEE HIM? We must be hidden IN HIM to allow them to see Him. We cannot continue to limit Him, and hope to "hide" in the boxes we create. Why do we limit Him? Our Father is not limited!

It is my earnest prayer Precious Father of all life, that You continue to remove in us these walls we have so blindly built that limit the freedom of Your flowing in and through us. Thank You for Your precious reproducing Life!

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